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accounting troubleshooting
accounting troubleshooting

Even professional business mentors and coaches need your numbers in order to do their jobs. This is where we can help.

Catching Up is for businesses that have ignored their bookkeeping altogether or for a given amount of time. When one or more government departments demand that taxes be filed, often within a set period of time, it is time for The Holst Equation to help catch up.

Catching up the books is tedious. It often involves detailed investigative work in order to bring the accounting into a clear, concise and auditable format. Not all accounting services have the knowledge or desire to do catch-ups.  The Holst Equation does.

Upon the completion of business catch-ups we can show our clients the value of proper bookkeeping and the ongoing management of the finances of their business.

Cleaning Up differs from a catch-up because some form of bookkeeping has been undertaken. However, it has usually been done by an inexperienced person or reluctant family member. The Holst Equation can perform a business cleanup producing a good set of books that can stand up to the scrutiny of accountants and the government.

Don’t risk your vision and the independence of being a small business owner because of poor or non-existent bookkeeping. Call The Holst Equation for all of your bookkeeping troubleshooting issues.